Put AI to work analyzing SaaS data and make Business Intelligence effective, affordable, and easy.

Stop burning capital on ineffective data and analytics. SQOR provides full visibility across vital SaaS data, allowing you to act with confidence. Say goodbye to silos as easy as username and password.

SQOR works like a heart monitor for each of your SaaS tools

SQOR's common data models make monitoring company health easy. With algorithmic scoring of execution on each SaaS tool across every division, you get just enough signal to ask the right questions to the right people at the right time. Never miss opportunities, or issues, again.

High visibility = Low stress

Take action confidently. With so many tools you can now have full visibility and eliminate the uncertainty across your stack. No more stress about the unknown.

Reduce your burn

BI teams today costs millions. AI solves this. "Gartner Survey Reveals Less Than Half of Data and Analytics Teams Effectively Provide Value" - March, 2023

Act on it all with confidence

Chat with stakeholders directly, without the constant need for meetings, and turn Execution Scores into action in one place across every device.

...and when you're killing it, showcase your Execution Score to investors

Execution is everything. Gain the benefit of data-driven Execution Scores to showcase your company’s capabilities to investors, and other key stakeholders.

Investors gain a data-driven way to monitor pipeline and portfolio health.
With SQOR, the investor pipeline becomes truly unbiased.
Investors can now act on the companies that execute best.

Are you an investor?

Monitor your portfolio on SQOR to get the insights you need and stop chasing founders around for updates. Invest your time and money where it counts.
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Let down by the promises of other SaaS management tools?

Knowing the cost and utilization of you SaaS stack is a feature—not a product. Of course SQOR delivers cost and utilization metrics, but it also delivers key Execution Scores and KPI insights for every tool across all divisions. This puts you ahead of the game, armed with the specific data you need to take action and drive better business results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do SQOR's algorithms score execution?

Our Execution Score Algorithm - ESA - is the heart of how we calculate company execution scores. ESA is designed to take in essential data on utilization and the results of that utilization from each tool (via API) and combines it with key information related to the company's stage and vertical. Machine learning is then applied to fine tune results over time.

How does SQOR help increase productivity?

Teams spend much of their time in meeting after meeting trying to make sense of what's happening in all areas of the company: Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, IT (Product/Engineering), Finance and Operations. With SQOR you can say goodbye to many of those meetings as you and the team will always be in-the-know just enough to act on opportunities and issues.

It's also important to note that between the hundreds of tools being used and the common silos that can arise at companies, leadership has grown increasingly disconnected from direct execution that is occurring at companies. SQOR's real-time transparency, and its chat functions help bring order to that chaos, and shine light on all of the unknowns at the company.

How is SQOR different than other business intelligence?

SQOR is a next generation business intelligence tool with many of the same objectives from first generation business intelligence software, but without the high cost of implementation or need for data scientists to configure it.

We are not replacing your existing tools as much as making sure that you know what is happening across all of them... including those first generation BI tools. You can think of us as more of a heart monitor for each of the tools (over 150+ SaaS tools at the average company) in your stack that lets you know that things are good or when things are off. It does this in realtime and allows you to connect in realtime with the direct contributors in each.

Another way to think of SQOR is as a rating tool much like a credit rating, where each tool in your stack is rated and those ratings are aggregated to provide one overall execution score. In our name is the clue to what we are and hope to be for our users. SQOR is a new Standard for Quantitative and Operational Ratings.

What happens if a tool you use is not on SQOR?

We will be prioritizing additions to our catalog based on the needs of the SQOR community, but will definitely make exceptions when necessary.

How will SQOR help investors?

In providing a way for scoring execution at companies, SQOR is also providing a new standard that investors can utilize to determine which companies to focus their attention on. It is a way to fix the top of the investor pipeline funnel, which today excludes too many leaving large swaths of the startup community underrepresented.

This standard will also serve investors by helping them monitor the health of their portfolios as well as their pipeline, so they can increase their IRR (internal rate of return) as it is fair to say that companies with strong execution capabilities have increased likelihood of success.

And it goes without saying (although we will) that a healthy portfolio and pipeline can be showcased to raise funds.

Is our data secure on SQOR?

At SQOR will continuously strive to apply the highest standards of security protocols available in the industry.

How is SQOR different than other business intelligence?

SQOR differentiates from other business intelligence tools in multiple ways. First, it's remarkably easy to implement. So much so that an intern can get you up and running in minutes without the need for expensive data scientists, data lakes, or complex workflows that take months to map out.

Second, although we do focus on standard KPI's, we dive into each tool individually to determine execution performance per tool based on industry standards.

How much do you charge for SQOR?

We are in closed beta and have just begun onboarding companies. Subscription based pricing will be coming soon.

When will the investor matchmaking occur on SQOR?

Matching companies and investors is a part of our vision. We are focused on the internal operational intelligence and the execution scoring aspects now, but there's no need to wait for new functionality. As company scores become available, we encourage companies to showcase their scores as a badge of honor that speaks to their capabilities.

Is it true that it's so easy an intern can set it up?


Execution matters

In the age of hundreds of Saas tools, things should be easier. With SQOR, it is. Give company leadership and investors the tools to see and act confidently.
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